About Me

Melissa Green smiling, standing on city street wearing running jacket

Hi, I’m Melissa, an Art Director and everyday athlete.

After college I found myself feeling scared to make new work or to pursue the career of my dreams because I doubted my skills. I read dozens of self-help books about how to overcome this by doing everything from embracing my introversion to power posing to tidying my apartment, but nothing really stuck. That is, until I started doing fitness classes.

I initially joined ClassPass as a way to manage my stress, but it ended up becoming a means for me to practice taking up space, facing my fears, overcoming perfectionism, and recognizing my accomplishments. Along the way I’ve had to give myself permission to enter spaces of predominately thin, white people and tell myself “yes, this is for me” even when I felt like the people around me were implicitly telling me no.

I created this blog to share that journey and what I am learning along the way.